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Raised by Wolves: My Life in the Jungle Book | @Sho_Shameless | #BeautifulCreatures | #SentimentalJourney available on iTunes: http://t.co/N0WBdAKn7p

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1066 days ago


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A_vie_en_rose 1065 days ago

These boots are adorable!!!!!!!!!! :D

BjornPetterEng 1066 days ago

Cool, These boots are made for walking...even in Norway..welcome:))

TiffanyWaxler 1066 days ago

winner, hands down.

crisstek 1066 days ago

I like these better, a better style for you

bebopknudsen 1066 days ago

These are much better than the others...

Bonhauch 1066 days ago

These ones are nicer!! They look more relaxed, the other ones look stiff and uncomfy.

bestardust 1066 days ago

this ones !

virsz 1066 days ago

these ones look more badass!

Marcella_Nalin 1066 days ago

I think these ones better.