(#God, #cute, #spirituality, #animals, #cats)Aww, isn't it so so very very cute and sweet?? Just look at it and its pose!! Super super great and awesome!! One super super great and beautiful kitten also!! I wonder what it was trying to catch in that pose, or was it trying to catch the camera or photographer, or in this case the camera and photographer altogether?? lol...anyhow and anyway it is, loving the pic so so very very much!! Super super great, wonderful, and beautiful pic!! Love love the way it's all black and white too!! It fits the super super sweet guy(or girl) so so very very well!! It's just a super super perfect match made in heaven!! Love it!! Love it so so very very much!! :))

(It's a kitten (cat.) :)).)

Pic via Pixdaus http://pixdaus.com/kitten-black-white-cat-kitten/items/view/125751/