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2825 days ago


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Langleyo 2783 days ago

Fantastic place, did you check out the cave room - halfway up the castle? And the room with the golden swan washbowl? That guy was a certified genius.. or an authentic whacko.

ElfieKawaii 2785 days ago

Oh I love this place it's fantastic! I've even been here myself! I loved his mad obsession with Wagner & Tristan & Isold as his bedroom was just amazong, the swan tap was beautiful!

ARTassistant 2800 days ago

its fantastic:) I love it, stay often there, inside too. Where King Ludwig lived. Its near by me, Allgäu. Have a wonderful time, greetings Sanne

4outof10 2823 days ago

My favourite place in the world. Went there in a snowy October - nothing quite as magical

crackers813 2823 days ago

My parents sent me on a tour of that stunning Schloss when I was 12. They didn't care to go. I kept trying to see all the secret passageways that HAD to be there. . and trying to guess which Wagner opera was which room.

crystal260 2823 days ago

I love this place, so beautiful. The ride back down in the carriage is wonderful.

LesleyNorburn 2823 days ago

And did it give you just that little bit of a thrill - picturing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang landing? Or goosebumps remembering the childcatcher?? Did both for me (about 20 yrs ago!) Looks just as pretty

Scratchy7929 2824 days ago

Was there in autumn, or as your American half would say the fall.Very interesting & quite mad story about the building of this mock medieval building as well.Is this going to be shown on TV as a travel journal like the one in America.

spearcoach 2824 days ago

I remember going up there about 25 years ago.....and going on the back of a Donkey if I remember right?! Some Army trip I was on....some of it I remember, and most of it I dont!

asthiggins 2824 days ago

Now thats a Schloss! Did Fasolt and Fafner build it?? Wow!

joshevans221 2824 days ago

This is now my iPhone wallpaper, such a great picture!

lucybarratt_ 2824 days ago

I went there last year on a school trip, it's a truly wonderful castle

DeMoy 2824 days ago jealous you were there! I love this thing, been 'da' several times. It's THE fairytale castle. My fave!

DeMoy 2824 days ago

What has 'Colditz' got to do with it? Can't you leave out the 'war' for once, hm? (Don't retweet me on that either, vg3p - & btw, it's 'Die' Katze, not 'Da'. Unless you mean, as in 'there', da.)
Sorry about this, Stephen, just had to say that. But I'm s

princessjesster 2824 days ago

very nice photo Mr.Fry, I was there approx. 5 years ago, it is stunning

vg3p 2824 days ago

Lets escape from colditz

yellerbellyuk 2824 days ago

I proposed here :)

sbash 2824 days ago

For some reason when I visit large old structure like this I ponder the lives lost during its erection

mrsredboots 2825 days ago

Ah yes, been there!

dr_dixon 2825 days ago

what a fabulous erection! Maybe the -schwanz- misspelling should stand after all...