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2762 days ago


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lurcherlouts 2737 days ago

hope Del boy does'nt offer to clean it!

Jamie1210 2739 days ago

That's all very well - but why?

mpatton62 2739 days ago

Very impressive room. Surprised that Hearst didn't buy it for San Simeon . . .

thomtit 2760 days ago

and more candles!!

Lumikki 2761 days ago

Wonder how that would look in my sitting room?

Lyndanorris 2761 days ago

It's perfect, it's how I imagined he woluld live, very dramatic :)

avrilr 2762 days ago

I'm surprised the Beckhams haven't bought it yet. I expect it's on their shopping-list ...

exscot 2762 days ago

Gracious, isn't that lovely? It would look just precious in the dining room....... or maybe two would look better......

barcelonasport 2762 days ago

was ther last week Ludwig is a genious

PetraSky 2762 days ago

Sometimes words come out before I can catch them - Good God Almighty! Haven't heard that in years. This picture inspired it.

londonderriere 2762 days ago

All that blue, gold, and white--Chanukah--on steroids.

ann_feeney 2762 days ago

Dear me. That is quite a bit. Wouldn't a meeting of Ludwig I, Ludwig II, Wagner, and Lola Montez make a fascinating opera?

Azura 2762 days ago

Reminds me of Cardiff Castle- same period and just as gilt and twiddly.

hardcorps80204 2762 days ago

The word that springs to mind is "batshit." Also, as a working-class boy I can't help but wonder, who *cleans* that?
YOU, on the other hand, are looking completely delightful these days.

pinksw 2762 days ago

...thought it was rather restrained and tasteful myself :o)

theatremel 2762 days ago

loving "barkingness" - aren't words great;-)

arrywil 2762 days ago

Looks great. Must be great to go to places like this

Alex_de_Jong 2762 days ago

wow O_o impressive :P

julianreischl 2762 days ago

It can be lowered down to the ground for polishing and putting in candles. In times befor the electric lights were invented, chandeliers of this "Wattage" were necessary. Especially for a king's throne room, as this one.

Vrensche 2762 days ago

Now I remember again how Ludwig II managed to ruin the bavarian economy during his reign. But at least he spend all the money on something enduring.