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SafaAlabedy 2463 days ago


zenithsmith35 2495 days ago

ah, it's a mirror, or a parallel reality. The duck was teleported and left his other self in another dimension.

thomtit 2496 days ago

Wonder if they are all thinking 'mmm, dinner'?

magpienikki 2497 days ago

Don't need flying ducks when you've got swimming swans

girlinclover 2497 days ago

I think that boat is making lewd moves on die swaene. The swine.

MrsStephenFry 2497 days ago

Yes, lovely wallpaper, dear, but what have you done with my flying ducks?

silvertoast 2497 days ago

The person in the cockle-shell boat is wearing bloomers or is it a dress with a nipped in waist?

acrooacree 2497 days ago

Isn't it always the same; you get the picture in frame and just as you press the shutter release someone walks into view...or swims in this case

asthiggins 2497 days ago

Sehr schon! What time is the next Swan???

wwwickens 2497 days ago

Wonder if that swan has a 2 second memory too

PetraSky 2498 days ago

Someone got smart - that glass dome will certainly cut down on the dusting time.

loplopgallery 2498 days ago

Down the stream the swans all glide; It's quite the cheapest way to ride. Their legs get wet, Their tummies wetter: I think after all
The bus is better. Spike is back left in the yellow robe telling the crowd to wait for the number 49

TheRothwoman 2498 days ago

Why can't people make art like this anymore?

softmutt 2498 days ago

So what was the swan convicted of?

Azura 2498 days ago

'Come in, No.4! Your time is up!'

Rapagena 2498 days ago

I've got a poster of this in my kitchen.

ann_feeney 2498 days ago

"What time does the next swan leave?" Leo Slezak

melodysparks 2498 days ago


OurMissingCat 2498 days ago

I suppose the swan will go back in the cupboard again once the visitors have gone.

tashitendrel 2498 days ago

How sweet of them to prepare supper for you, Stephen, (you know Leda will be most upset)