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2857 days ago


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blankylor 2855 days ago

Such beautiful scenery, and we'll probably only see it as a blurred backdrop.

jimmybwonder 2856 days ago


smiffyboy65 2856 days ago

thanks stephen for keeping us updated and for some wonderful photos

georgialena 2856 days ago

wow, beautiful!

sdarcy7 2856 days ago

Would be better if that mountain was more over to the right

numbrsandlettrs 2856 days ago

Das ist sehr sehr schön!!

michael_elliott 2856 days ago

oh my double is so there.

littlekjw 2857 days ago

"Fentesticly fentestic!" ;D (Seriously, though - stunning, just stunning.)

jbdonaghy 2857 days ago

Want to swap jobs?

suecblue 2857 days ago


georgiaeades 2857 days ago

so beautiful, i think i hate you now. . .

LittleMsFaith 2857 days ago


BeaMaria 2857 days ago

da lässt es sich aushalten!

jamietcampbell 2857 days ago

Reminds me of Milford Sounds in New Zealand. This is a much better view than the Top of a Factory Roof I have outside my Window!

Cantthink01now 2857 days ago

We'll never know where the missing boat has gone.... I'm feeling philosophical today, and hot..

ZeeFox 2857 days ago

Wow, what a view!

Rapagena 2857 days ago

Mine's the one with the red trim.

voiceart 2857 days ago

Now about weightloss, wow, i felt good about my weightloss. But Stephens is amazing. Good for you sir!

voiceart 2857 days ago

Looks lovely, is there a clue in there? Arghhh, for all that have not bought the dongle of Donald Trefuisis, do so. It´s smart and funny and really makes you think.

MagicRhodes 2857 days ago

Another reason for me to be outside, I'm running out of reasons to be at my desk!