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2671 days ago


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iEeftoch 2539 days ago

beautiful! Wish I was there =)

AraViola 2649 days ago

Can you swimm? let's have a splash!

CiaranDerry 2667 days ago

hey aint that the Scottish Highlands,i can see Nessy

mercaxor 2668 days ago

Three words spring to mind...Almost Ansel Adams

instructor1970 2671 days ago

What are you doing in my back garden. Not poaching I hope!!!!

ellynLou 2671 days ago

It's so beautiful!

kmhodges 2671 days ago

Mmmm very refreshing to look at in this heat

ItsPythonesque 2671 days ago

Now that's an artist's paradise.

jbrobbins1 2671 days ago

You can almost hear Parthenope, Ligeia, and Leucosia wistfully luring you towards them.

Johnny_Marvin 2671 days ago

WOW. Wish I was there.

wmgeorge767 2671 days ago

Looks like The Grey Havens in Middle Earth.

wilblacks 2671 days ago

Breathtaking! made me feel a lot better.

isobelwatts 2671 days ago

refreshing and beautiful, thank you

jaypea_aitken 2671 days ago

Scotland is too hot today. Just looking at this picture makes me feel cool and serene

Lorling 2671 days ago

Beautiful! My kids and I visited a friend in Switzerland a year ago and he took us to several beautiful places. We also went to Emmenthal to see how it's made. Needless to say, we came away with cheese, cheese and more cheese! :-)

pinktank1 2671 days ago

It is as wondrous as Canada or New Zealand, & you see why I campaign for Britain to have open borders so all can see this

trbabe 2671 days ago

*gasp* Breathtaking - you are so lucky! May I come next time? x

Dutchshe 2671 days ago

That is why we stay in Switzerland during our summer holiday this year. It is just beautiful.

georgiaeades 2671 days ago

any one for a dip??

ginj 2671 days ago

Alright, not very profound, but...Oh Wow!