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2797 days ago


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Emperor_juk1234 2774 days ago

Agent Fry has marked the rendezvous point, where we shall escape in our submarine!!

swiftsword4 2796 days ago

Did anyone else notice the huge flag that kinda takes over like the whole picture?

DesFarthing 2797 days ago

You must not leave Switzerland without buying a jar of ovomaltine crunchy cream... Like spreadable toblerone. Why is it not available in the UK? Why? Why? Why?

Heliodorus777 2797 days ago

Oh! These make me miss my old home. I spent 13 years in Lausanne (French-speaking part of Switzerland). You had great weather too!

tabbynera 2797 days ago

Of course it is, I have been living near Solothurn for the past 42 years after growing up in Bethnal Green - a cockney in Switzerland

DW2803 2797 days ago

God Stephen you get all the best jobs..

SereniTee 2797 days ago

This looks so much like my local area, the north Cascades just south of Canada. Ever been here? Lovely. Magical, too.

DocSpoons 2797 days ago

Feel free to drop in for a cup of tea when you pass Bern

MaggiZ 2797 days ago


wynnifred 2797 days ago

We drove through there last year on our way to Italy. Lovely. Hopefully visiting next year.

broccolichicken 2797 days ago

Mr. Fry, thanks so much for letting us live vicariously through your photos. I thoroughly enjoy them. You are the best, sir!

_Angel_Heart_ 2797 days ago

How beautiful :-) One place I would love to visit 1 day.

vincedeporter 2797 days ago

Beautiful shot. I miss it...

StrictlyDancer 2797 days ago

My only experience of Switzerland was on a school ski trip as an overweight 12 year old. It was a disaster. Must revisit and replace awful memories with good ones. I do agree that the Scottish Highlands are lovely

scoobsfr 2797 days ago

I love Interlaken spent a summer season there working on Manor Farm camp site, the lake and the scenery are amazing

nongrockle 2797 days ago

Currently home and yes I do realise how lucky I am to work 5 mins from a lake and 30 mins from a Ski slope

61Suisse 2797 days ago

Ah Switzerland - land of my grandfathers! What fool thought moving to GB was a good? Oh yes Samuel De Saulles in 1803. Farewell Heidi

patunia84 2797 days ago

So Beautiful:)

listeningbank 2797 days ago

I went to Switzerland once... I found it too much like Britain (doesn't usw the Euro, everthing is far too expensive and very rude shop staff. Liechtenstein however is the best :o) The whole place LITERALLY stops for lunch hehehehe

NoraFleischer 2797 days ago

That's right...our little little country...