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I wish I knew how to use this!

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884 days ago

I wish I knew how to use this!


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libraswan 884 days ago

search engine it or youtube :)

NonBritGit 884 days ago

Forget about the keyboard! What about the smooth, sexy corners of that table!

_Pedro_Filho 884 days ago

É uma pena agente saber que um Gênio do Humor Brasileiro, Foi derrotado pelo tabaco "Cigarro" e assim acontece com grandes artista gênio da musica ex: with houston uma grande cantora que a cocaína levou embora, o que fazer para banir essas ...drogas no mu

PetterSteiner 884 days ago

Check out my Channel! It's Minecraft skits and utter stuff! :D

CapitaumLucas 884 days ago

Dj Notch

TLanser 884 days ago

I believe those books are The Art of Computer Programming, by Donald Knuth, vol. 1-4A

DurocElisar 884 days ago

forget the keyboard, what are those books?!

ArmyPig007 884 days ago - Made entirely with this (minus the vocals of course :L)

abid_azharie 884 days ago

ngantuk euiii...!!!

LiquidPL 884 days ago

799 bucks? nice...

n0rdgust 884 days ago

Swedish house mafia? :D

TSOWicher 884 days ago

portable multi-function device incorporating a synthesizer, sampler and controller[

PsyBard 884 days ago

Baze175 884 days ago

yea wtf is it

TSOWicher 884 days ago

Teenage Engineering OP-1 it is, Developed by Teenage Engineering in Stockholm, Sweden.

gaurdianAQ 884 days ago

What exactly is it?

Ramzuiv 884 days ago

looks cool