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2671 days ago


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iEeftoch 2540 days ago

Beautiful! Where's this?

earlybird44 2670 days ago

Is that Lake Constanze/Bodenmeer? (Am reading: The Wagners,the dramas of a Musical Dynasty by Nike Wagner) Will she be in your program?

triliteral 2670 days ago

Just like Swindon.

foxyfilbert00 2670 days ago


Flissish 2671 days ago

I went canoeing on that lake last summer, and nearly got flattened by a ferry.

acrooacree 2671 days ago

Dejeuner sur l'ake?

IianNeill 2671 days ago

I can just hear the Years of Pilgrimage ringing in my ears ...

MoLashes 2671 days ago

just sublime...

RobynLStewart 2671 days ago

wow stephen... not very good description, but hell, no wonder they could write music!

EvilRedCat 2671 days ago

Makes me want to get out the ol' tacklebox and put the new Shimano on my favorite Ugly Stik...

irepreference 2671 days ago

Morning, and I can't think of a better way to greet the day, than by looking at a view like that one! [thanks]

ExtraordinaryMe 2671 days ago

Can't say as I blame them, I'd hang out there, too.

CURZONPRODUCT 2671 days ago

And stole other people's wives!

lecari 2671 days ago


Fryphile 2671 days ago

I feel a frolic coming on. Yes, I would definitely frolic if I were in your trousers.

TwyloII 2671 days ago

That's where Wagner and Liszt went to get Brahms

melodysparks 2671 days ago

Lovely view

unipede 2671 days ago

Wagner and Liszt, sure it wasn't Brahms and Liszt

MaggiZ 2671 days ago

great place, lovely photograph!

murdomac29 2671 days ago

Ah! Loch Pricey as it is Known.