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1968 days ago


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DAMBT 1929 days ago

Over the hills and far away..............

avrooml 1931 days ago

where is this? It's gorgeous. Someone please let me know! Thanks :-)

JoeBurkel 1934 days ago

Wow. This is a beautiful pic.

maadcows 1939 days ago

Oh... is this valley not in wales?... did i just say something extremely stupid?

desertdane 1945 days ago

That is exactly how I envision my ideal back yard setting.

Jamie1210 1945 days ago

Stoke On Trent. I think I'm going to cry now.

AraViola 1946 days ago

Uhm!weather is the same I found a month ago ...

nswat 1946 days ago

ahh toblerone = switzerland and Bayreuth = Germany and yodels = Austria, and switzerland, though some bavarians have been known to yodel!

Kween_Dork 1946 days ago

Great photo, beautiful.

xkn0tx 1963 days ago


artzub 1963 days ago

симпатичненько! =)

LadyGirlPerson 1965 days ago

I'd be content to be one of your coat buttons.

Moiven 1966 days ago

I saw you on Top Gear aswell and the show you did in America. They were both great.

DrSureshot 1967 days ago

But why oh why is the Milka cow purple??

jezraldo 1967 days ago

Toblerone's are a thing of your past Stephen, impressed with your new slimline self on top gear. You are not the stig are you...?

_Angel_Heart_ 1967 days ago

What a spectacular view & is that a giant Toblerone in the distance I see?

voiceart 1967 days ago

What most people dont know is that this is where they hide all the gold for the rolexes and other watches...

celsx 1967 days ago

All in a good cause.

acrooacree 1967 days ago


tony_1973 1967 days ago

I'm within spitting distance of this valley!!! lol