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2821 days ago


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AsyaV 2807 days ago

Moskovskaya... Very beautiful place.

vit_el 2820 days ago

I live about 5 mins walk from there. :)

Mellenno 2820 days ago

*occasionally. sorry for misprint)

Mellenno 2820 days ago

we were there 20 min later. ocasionally.what a pity that we did not meet you!

GreatVladimir 2820 days ago

comunism 4life. peace V

: D

baiservole 2820 days ago

nice photo :) I love those fountains but the building itself still scares me.

Zechie 2821 days ago

Nice photo but the building rather frightens me. Grand but supremely regular/repetitious even/powerful. Beyond imposing to intimidating.

Lord__Flasheart 2821 days ago

Wow, what an impressive building!

acrooacree 2821 days ago

Erm...if you get invited to a Rally may I suggest that you, shall I put this, don't go?

jamiemccaffery 2821 days ago

very good keep them coming

garydavies007 2821 days ago

Hey Stephen if you take a ride on the canal boat, keep an eye out for the boy who runs alongside and basically follows the boat everywhere! ;-)

Xy9IL1ty 2821 days ago

mr Lenin? In Russia we call him grandad!

iandavidgow 2821 days ago

Wow. That is a beautiful view taken beautifully. Very nice

mistress_mabel 2821 days ago

beg you, dear Stephen, come to Moscow! Promise to show you the best places, including the pure ones, not damaged by Lenin, pop-shops and so on.

Hughk 2821 days ago

The Marinsky Palace is the current city hall not far from Stephen's hotel - looks much better w/o the idiot in front!

donlanatmitedu 2821 days ago

Beautiful sky, however I'm waiting for the Pythonesque boot
to appear out of the sky crushing the Multitudes. Stay well..

akted 2821 days ago

Saw Joe Cocker concert in that courtyard of the Hermitage.

LukiesPlace 2821 days ago

I love it, thank you

McCool52 2821 days ago

What time of the day was this taken?'s 9:00 in the morning here in Pocatello, Idaho , USA

silverd12 2821 days ago

you would expect these places to be full of people. They are beautiful historic places