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1846 days ago


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dariatyrant 1813 days ago

Did you live opposite to St Isaac's Cathedral?
Great! That's sensationally beautiful place.

peelaasqueela 1813 days ago

You can see where Wren got his St Pauls ideas from

tssandra 1824 days ago

so happy you`ve been to my hometown! at the exact mom i must have been there! mindblowing. made me happier )

tssandra 1824 days ago

so happy to know you`ve been to my hometown! at the exact mom i must have been there! mindblowing. made me happier )

sussicaj 1825 days ago

Nice picture i want to go x

ukpreference 1825 days ago

That's a great shot... fabulous (thank you)

AsyaV 1832 days ago

Haven't you visited Isaakievskys colonnade?

Maasika 1842 days ago

Oh my, how could I have missed it! You were in St Pete's! I hope someone was singing serenades to you below that window :)

Wendles56 1843 days ago

A tad more breathtaking than the mugging taking place out of the London Travelodge back window!

alwaysangels 1844 days ago

wowwww what a spectacular view ..... :)

LadyGirlPerson 1845 days ago

what a wonderful view...that building is beyond description. it is beautiful.

tonyorourke1962 1845 days ago

Lovely photo! When you referred to St P in an earlier tweet, I imagined you were talking about the less than lovely St Pancras, where the views are nowhere as interesting....possibly!

baiservole 1845 days ago

i've been near St Isaacs today. still the view from the Dvortsovy bridge beats this one!

horaceblue 1845 days ago

is that a human sitting on the bench, or just a glowing white orb?

sue_ann1 1845 days ago

How gorgeous, please can I have your 2009 airmiles?!

MrsOscarWilde 1845 days ago

Your eyes were made for madness of views.

TreLeoni 1845 days ago

Lived just off Nevsky Prospekt on Fontanki between '96 and '98. Tis a most wonderful city. Assume you'll get a chance to get to Tsarskoye Selo if you haven't already been?

salusbury 1845 days ago


janeisnear 1845 days ago

Исаакиевский собор! That's a beautiful place, I was there one year ago on my Moscow - St.-Petersburg trip.

gordyh96 1845 days ago

What a view