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Leave it to Blondie (1945) As Marjorie Kent.  James McDonald (Lancaster, California) Qualifications: Movie Buff  Amazon.com: The Films of Larry Simms.  Please allow 7-14 business day for delivery in.  Blondie 14: Footlight Glamour [VHS] VHS Penny Singleton: Used & New from: $9.95. Actors: Penny Singleton: Blondie Bumstead · Arthur Lake: Dagwood Bumstead · Larry Simms: Alexander Bumstead · Ann Savage: Vicki.   Blondie stars Arthur Lake and Penny Singleton at Brian's Drive-In.  25- Footlight Glamour (1943- written by Lee and Dewolf) 26- Blondie's Holiday (1947.  Movie trailers Update feed: Other Listal forums Listal. It's a Great Life (1943)  Blondie Films list  Films in the Blondie Film Series. Blondie Plays Cupid (1940) 15.  14. Blondie Takes a. Footlight Glamour (1943) 15.   Footlight Glamour (1943) - IMDb  Director: Frank R.  Footlight Glamour (1943) 26.   Blondie: The Movie Series  Blondie: The Movie Series LINKS: Blair Whipple.   Blondie and Dagwood - Classic Movies and Radio  Name of Movie #of Vcds: Cost: paypal: Blondie "Plays Cupid" 1: $7.00.  Footlight Glamour Blondie's Lucky Day Blondie's Anniversary.  James McDonald (California) Qualifications: Movie Buff  Blondie & Dagwood Complete Movie Collection DVD  Blondie & Dagwood Complete Movie Collection DVD