#REUTERS | Friends and family members of Hussam al-Haddad, who died from birdshot wounds, march on the street shouting anti-government slogans during his funeral procession in #Muharraq, north of #Manama, #August 18, 2012. A 16-year-old protester was killed after what opposition activists in Bahrain said was a "brutal attack" by security forces, but which the Bahrain government described as a defensive response to a petrol bomb attack on police. The government identified the dead youth as 16-year-old Hussam al-Haddad, and said he had been among protesters throwing petrol bombs at police and had died after being taken to hospital. The opposition Bahrain Centre for Human Rights said witnesses had seen the security forces fire birdshot, a type of shotgun shell, at Haddad before men in plainclothes kicked him repeatedly as he lay on the ground while police stood by.