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GustafC 1839 days ago

Shaq Ming

presboomsbeard 1946 days ago

Your shaqness! *bows*

leoflyboy 1954 days ago

Wel------the Emperor Shaq lol

RIP_M_J 1981 days ago

the KING of CHOP! *off with his head* u are too funny!

3NaughtyGirls 1981 days ago

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chsgolfr 1982 days ago

add me shaq... you da man

untacticcal000 1984 days ago

If you take a closer look at the insignia on his jacket you'd probably find that he was showing respect on this day and nothing like you imagination could muster.

Frankie_001 1984 days ago

Is this take on a GAY PARADE???j@@@@@!!!

K405V1LL3 1984 days ago

very nice

luscious_denise 1984 days ago

which historical black college are you the drum major for. lol

caleblee81 1984 days ago

So is this what Dave Chappelle was doing back when he went on hiatus

nfyne 1984 days ago

whats up big man? this one of ur Jamaica fan, all the best i cleland

mtd5828 1984 days ago

tipical shaq lol

esper80 1985 days ago

greetings from poland homey

talldarkndlovly 1985 days ago

Love you Shaq!!

JONAHFORMAN 1985 days ago

Shaq Fu. I actual own a copy of your game. Though the fighting style was bad but the cast was cool.

dahinni 1985 days ago


gsaldua 1985 days ago

THE BIG SHAQALIER!!! LoL yaaaaaaaaa boyeeeeeeeee

ishiano 1985 days ago

Shaq you a funny dude bro...cant wait to see what you gonna do wit the cavs this coming season

golakers602 1985 days ago

Shaq how my a## taste? from- kobe (the real king)