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1837 days ago


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Oshing 1785 days ago

wow!!! o.O

karencorpse 1835 days ago

I have seen tennis games in the area of catering. You guys were fantastic at Home Depo, the best concert that I have been to.

coldbeans 1836 days ago

It looks like a party venue in a big tent.

debsham 1836 days ago

Must be the tennis court inside Cal State University .....

Michela82 1836 days ago

really cool guys!!! ^_*

cold42play 1836 days ago

theres a tennis court near the HDC? LUVthe show!! the best night of my life

gotcheese2768 1836 days ago

one more show tomorrow. well technically today. bittersweet.

gammaray09 1836 days ago

ahahaha this is where my high school graduation took place

sc00zie 1836 days ago

football, cantering, tennis & coldplay - what a great combination!

Coldplaygirl01 1837 days ago


_nicolecarmela 1837 days ago

yummy food :D
haha that looks kind of cool though :D
16 more days till i see you

megberryman 1837 days ago exciting.....i remember when you were here in vancouver about a month ago...i love coldplay too, specially guy,,

franshierljoyxx 1837 days ago

How I wish I could be there. I love Coldplay very much.

CMartinIsMyLove 1837 days ago

looks kl.can't wait to see yuu tomorrow!! :D

GustavoMenegari 1837 days ago

it looks great!!!

binhatammiris 1837 days ago

that's great!

inawoodenhouse 1837 days ago

this picture looks very cinematic.

coffespewer 1837 days ago

hope it was yummy

GlobeAlone74 1837 days ago

It still involves balls.That sounds sleazy.But the band use yellow balls as well.

drgordis 1837 days ago

it looks greeeeeeat!!!