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The book I learned to play golf from...

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2840 days ago

The book I learned to play golf from...


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foxzylady2 2827 days ago

and I thought your dad taught you?

gregsgreens 2828 days ago

Suggest you take another look :P

hannahjustin 2828 days ago

wow i used this a long time ago one of the coaches where's glasses i think. think you had to buy it every week or 2 weeks blast from the past there lol

bcorsie 2837 days ago

Wow, forgot about 'Improve your Golf'. I got it too, built week by week into comprehensive binder!

thefifthdroog 2838 days ago

- being brutal comes dead easy and naturally when you've got Ian teeing himself up with his silly comments and outfits :-)

thefifthdroog 2838 days ago

Just seen a vid, he's got a Graffaloy Blue in his Driver and DG X100's in his irons. No wonder he's always blockin it right LMAO!!!

thefifthdroog 2838 days ago

- Of course I know it's owned by Auschnet, but I don't say I'm teeing up my Auschnet V1 do I? So if you were signed to Auschnet you'd rather be using a set of 983 blades rather than Cobra MB's, but then again he's not good at golf

lccubb 2839 days ago

thefirthdroog - your brutal - do you practice at being a pratt or does it just come naturally?

lccubb 2839 days ago

That or Ken Adwick

lccubb 2839 days ago

Let me guess... This was a Ben Hogan book.

DrewKey 2839 days ago

thefifthdroog, Do you actually know anything about golf yourself??????
Doesn't look like it, as your coment about Cobra is Shit. Cobra are a part of Titleist who are both owned by Acushnet. So in theory, he is signed to Titleist. Get of Poults case or c

thefifthdroog 2839 days ago

Pieces include trousers featuring the famous Claret Jug, worn at both the '05 and '06 Open Championships. Commentating for the BBC, Seve Ballesteros jibed that this was "the closest [Poulter] would ever get to it". Seve knows the score :-) :-) :-)

thefifthdroog 2839 days ago

- nice user name, Ian should change his user name to that!!

thefifthdroog 2839 days ago

- "ian is twice the golfer than anyone without a card" I doubt it lad, he turned pro off 4 bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

kirkbylala 2839 days ago

having watched alot of players in the open ian maybe you could sell afew copies hey ???

deemacphotos 2839 days ago

I learned my bolf from a couple of Gary Player books. I guess that shows my age! I've uploaded a photo of you from near the end of your practice round on Tuesday - I hope it'll bring a smile :o)

Raater 2839 days ago

I think thefifthdrooog knows what he's talking about. Poulter is probably a nice bloke but he does set himself up for some piss taking...

chris_willocks 2839 days ago

thefifthdroog, you want to get a life mate. Is this all you do, going around criticising people that are clearly more talented than you are and that actually made something of their life? It's really quite sad. I pity you. Now go back to the hole you crep

ritaventer 2839 days ago

thefifthdroog... tosser!

outthehosel 2839 days ago

Thefifthdroog comes across as a bit of a wanker!! No sorry he probably wanks a little itty bitty thing!!! What a twat!! sorry twats are useful!!