Stephen Fry


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1947 days ago


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LadyGirlPerson 1794 days ago

a decent portrait never pleases some people.... this ... it's really kinda awful and yet I keep staring....

arien78 1935 days ago

I totally agree. He does seem to be smiling!

mudsock 1935 days ago

Poor man. Looks to me as though he was smothered to death under a load of wet plaster.

zachmyrow 1935 days ago

mmm pie crust

bobsoper 1943 days ago

Does nobody else find this to be ghastly ?

KB_Shampain 1945 days ago

Looks a bit rough round the edges!

condowit 1945 days ago

It's written all over his face - he knows!

seekerofknowled 1945 days ago

I think I'll get something similar done for myself when the time comes - leaving the family to clean up come Halloween.

booberry73 1946 days ago

I suspect that may not be him at his best!

antihuman_c 1946 days ago

Was he suffocated during an art experiment?

k_d_m 1947 days ago

Very intersting! Does anyone actually understand the mechanics of how they do this?

janmicosLMF 1947 days ago

I once saw the body of St.bernadette she looked just like she was sleeping.

janmicosLMF 1947 days ago

Cool I once saw the body of St. Bernadette it looked just like she was sleeping.

Josie50000 1947 days ago

I half expect him to open his eyes and go 'bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh'

padzter1 1947 days ago

They could have at least closed the guys eyes before taking the cast....

arkadyrose 1947 days ago

He looks quite at peace. Even smiling a little.

avrooml 1947 days ago


Darkened_Sol 1947 days ago

Click rotate photo at the top :P

Wisp_the_Goth 1947 days ago

I could add some unecessary humour and shout "Mrs Doubtfire"...but I won't :P


splent 1947 days ago

He probably planned this out, "I want my face displayed for all to see after I die because I'm the best composer ever"... egotistical composer