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1919 days ago


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iEeftoch 1809 days ago

fun =) My best friend and I also always make those pics =)

anartmakers 1809 days ago

marvelous! Splendid!

SherryDedman 1812 days ago

You seem to like to have your likeness taken next to busts. Who knew...

interestedconve 1838 days ago

come to Australia

vg3p 1898 days ago

When you kept talking about "The Cricket" I thought it was an insect.

friendofhelle 1902 days ago

Being American, I though the bust looks like Spiro Agnew, whom I'm sure never got such a tribute here at home....

willzino 1902 days ago

Wow... you look different.. I am watching QI now

simeyspangle 1906 days ago

Is that Ron Atkinson behind you?!?!

Sietj 1906 days ago

Well....that haircut sure wasn't superfluous ;)

lukeraw93 1906 days ago

Before/After dove anti aging cream XD

terriclaire 1913 days ago

love the stubble! yum!

gahansgurl 1915 days ago

hot tamale!

Crankydocfan 1916 days ago

Nice scruff. A bit of Mr. Laurie's House look eh? I like!

pawsalmighty 1917 days ago

aww to hell with shaving, someone in the public eye that can feel free to be "normal" is one of the best things there is. Too many waste hours of life primping as the world goes by...

shey7 1917 days ago

Someone looks tired!!

chrix2000 1918 days ago

looking fab as ever but a bit tired...ahh hope it was worth it

AraViola 1918 days ago

What a close-up! whohoh!!!

rebeckska 1918 days ago

Am in love. Marry me?

AxmxZ 1918 days ago

Christ that was a terrible pun.

acrooacree 1918 days ago

You're not related to Harry H Corbett are you?