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2733 days ago


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stephishere 2702 days ago

This has actually made my day so much happier, a reference to The League made by Stephen Fry. 2 things that make me happy making me even happier when combined :D

SamRBrown 2716 days ago

If I could read German, I bet I would love this

nicaliban 2721 days ago

Now, Helmut, NOW!

Dreschy 2727 days ago

LooL wonderful! Ja bei mir is alles klar *rofl*

MikeinSLondon 2732 days ago

I think Mr Fry will be referencing Royston Vasey, not Herr Lipp?

taxorprozac 2732 days ago

If you don't understand any of my sayings, come to me in private ....

folliesadeux 2732 days ago

Ah Herr Lipp, Queen of Duisburg. "Put yourself in my fist, Justin."

Dean120 2732 days ago

auf der andrea doria - anyone remember that?

Lachlan_is 2733 days ago

Ya Justine

zany_zigzag 2733 days ago

LOL! Have just had to google "Herr Lipp" in order to understand what this is all about, but am now enlightened...and highly amused! Hehehe :D

Kreativling 2733 days ago

Yes! That's it! Sehr schön! That's what we Germans like!

... und vieles mehr! :) Toll! :)

frantheviera 2733 days ago

Ah, the Queen of Duisberg!

bluecob 2733 days ago

Is that Hair Lipp the famous lisping ventriloquist?

TimboADI 2733 days ago

Very drole '-)

TimboADI 2733 days ago

Very drole '-)

tazvoll 2733 days ago

Whatever happened to heir Gilbert O'Sullivan?

sami4068 2733 days ago

Well that is full of colour, texture, depth, feeling to flat message. Ha ha what a laugh

Dumplin75 2733 days ago

Ha Ha Herr Lipp.

philipkarre 2733 days ago

I am Austrian, so I understand what the sign says but not why it is so funny to you English-speakers. Could any1 enlighten me, please?

Emmawhizz 2733 days ago

Ah Justin, my Justin, my very own Justin.
This sign's a real good treat mmmmmm.
How I miss Herr Lipp.