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1972 days ago


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FWSWKayaker 1945 days ago

The Future Of ITunes

vg3p 1954 days ago

The ride of the Valkyries,dont you just love Wagner and banking

Dreschy 1966 days ago

ein wunderschöner Geldautomat! *rofl* Ich mag die Noten da drauf!

LissEverton 1967 days ago

He does look a little like james may :). Wish they had a hugh laurie one tho. He's well tasty hehe.

AxmxZ 1970 days ago

Ich mag am liebsten Tomate
Weil ich im Auge schon welche hatte
Es müssen keine aus Spanien sein
Ich mag die aus GeldauamRhein

splent 1970 days ago

I do have to say even though I'm not a huge fan of Wagner that ATM is pretty sweet

KChavda 1970 days ago

I agree: Very John Waynesque!

softmutt 1971 days ago

Can't we have something similar over here in London?

lillytel 1971 days ago

serves me right for not going to specsavers it an autoteller dohhhhh> detention for me

lillytel 1971 days ago

is that you on that there phone booth??????? wow thats amazing :-)

janmicosLMF 1971 days ago

It does look like john wayne cool hole in the wall.

kerihampson 1971 days ago

Altogether now Ein Zwei Drei!

TheTradge 1971 days ago

Haha that's fantastic! They should play excerpts from "Tristan and Isolde" when you're making your selections!

EyeBlinks 1972 days ago

genial !

ukpreference 1972 days ago

Way to go to remember The Man..

sooticasdream 1972 days ago


MarkLeneve 1972 days ago

Looks more like John Wayne to me...

Christof_W 1972 days ago

Looks like the geezer on the back of a €50 Euro note!

thejenks1 1972 days ago

does anyone think that wagner lo0ks a little like james may from top gear, or is it just me?

costumeball 1972 days ago

Beltonwriter, Geld is money ;)