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2830 days ago


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AsyaV 2814 days ago

"Blue is the colour"... Really?

rob_foot 2814 days ago

All the teams with blue home shirts use the same song. It's the ultimate budget cut song!

alexandjoe 2814 days ago

If blue is the colour....why is it grey?!

jinxman 2816 days ago

cheers for goethals

ashdubb 2818 days ago

Glasgow Rangers is the team and blue is the color.

lilmissncfc 2819 days ago

Yellow & Green are the colours and Norwich is the team, OTBC 4 life! :)

janmicosLMF 2819 days ago

Blue is the Colour EVERTON is the team.

ashdubb 2819 days ago

Glasgow Rangers FC is the team. He got the color right at least. LOL

smurfnose 2828 days ago

he's got the colour right unfortunatley not the team its all about birmingham city the team from the centre of the universe i thankyou stephen you love the canaries so you know what i'm cheapin on about

MikeSmiff10 2829 days ago

Should have gone to Specksavers.

AversionTherapy 2829 days ago

Rip-off Rhyme time: Blue is the colour, I am The Game, S.S.Lazio, You'll never walk the same! *lol* Who is S.S. Lazio? I don't even know of him.

Blood4Opera 2829 days ago

hey the fact that this tshirt is particularly hideous and betrays ignorance and bad taste doesn't mean we are a confused lot! most lazio fans are right-wing yobos, incidentally, but this guy seems harmless....

zany_zigzag 2829 days ago

Lol :-) Does this bloke know you took a photo of him?? Would be interesting to see his reaction if someone told him that this photo was on here, and he didn't know!

hurra03 2829 days ago

blue is the colour, football is the game, SS Lazio is a tiny bit lame.

kingkenny_7 2830 days ago

The blue referred to here is Lazio's blue - not the horrible Chelsea blue. It's often sung over in Rome. The YNWA reference is because most Lazio fans have an affinity to Liverpool after we beat Roma in their own backyard in the 1984 European Cup final wh

LoloGee 2830 days ago

Maybe a Beautiful South fan?! ;-)

djois14 2830 days ago

I may hope he is not a jew

TVAECORK 2830 days ago

hah American tourist with European rambler ticket !

MIJATH 2830 days ago

The woman on the right is glaring as if you're a paparazzo. In other news, she's standing in quite an odd position - is she leaning against something?!

tomthevet 2830 days ago

Hah! That one made me chuckle. My Chelsea-fan-brother also amused. Liverpool-fan-brother not impressed, though.