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Corruption! Monday, 4 night we Santiago. Tuesday 5, received the Board of Governors!



Monday 4F : cassolades at 20pm at Sant Jaume Square and later at 20h30 assembly (assembly of continuity) and we were sleeping right there .

5F Tuesday : 8am concentration in front of the Palau de la Generalitat (action Governing Council)

- Event a 4F-5F a Facebook per compartir: https://www.facebook.com/events/435909869812757

Wednesday 6F : Anti-Corruption Summit organized by Artur Mas Action (to be confirmed)

Then the Twitter hastag today and we have summarized what has happened in recent days.

- HASTAGS per avui Dilluns 4F:

# Seguim4F 
# CuelgaTuSabana 
# Cacerolada20h 
# AcampadaSJ (usuari @ AcampamosSJ ) 
# AcampadaNomada 
# 4F5F (acció Consell de Govern) 
# EscracheBCN (nomes pro les of escrache accions) 
# EscracheUnnim (actio in Solidarity with the desallotjament the @ PAH_Sabadell a l'office occupied d'Unnim)


Thursday 31 January , after news about corruption and PP together with the day of action # NoPaguem a group of people decided to spontaneously meet at Plaza Catalonia and after a meeting they decided to camp at Plaza Santiago, where they remained all night and all the next day.

Friday 01/02/2013 : In the afternoon there is a call for expressions at 19pm on Pl. Catalonia ending in Pl. Santiago where, after a meeting of about 1,200 people decided to camp at Plaza Catalonia, where finally sleep between 20 and 25 people.

Saturday 02/02/2013 : At 11 am, a meeting is held with the aim of defining the purpose and continuity of Catalonia Plaza Camp 2.0. At 18pm leaves Pl. Catalonia manifestation toward their Catalan PP. After a cassolades front of her, turns into manifestation in Pl. Catalonia in order to continue and close the assembly agreed proposals morning:

· The nomadic camp is organized every day at 20pm cassolades (# Cacerolada20h) at the points where the organized Acampaccions (# AcampadaNomada), we decided to be the first Acampacció Pl. Catalonia next day. 
· It was decided that individual action is as white sheets hung on the balconies with the slogan "against corruption and impunity, # GobiernoDimisión") (# CuelgaTuSábana) 
· It was decided not fall asleep that night in Pl . Catalonia to rest, but stick with working groups set up in the morning (escrache, Governing Council action Tuesday 5F, Anti-Corruption Summit organized by Artur Mas on 6F, 17F human chain Sunday, graphics group) meetings with the same the day Sunday.

Sunday 03/02/2013 : At 20pm cassolades begins at 21pm assembly meets. (Attach when we act)