Eun Hyuk


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JoseELF31 1165 days ago

OMG!! Wordless

KRYSayHyunie 1170 days ago

omo 0_0

AllRiseSilver_7 1173 days ago

TOO SEXY!!! X_______X

alitz29 1181 days ago


ElsaPElf 1182 days ago

STOOPP *[]* SO... SeXY I CAN'T to see your bod y so near with a new tattoo more X___X

nataliaeunhyuk 1182 days ago

So sweet

lianikarina 1183 days ago

wow EverLastingFriend Tato is very so sweet ....thank :')

eunhaeks_ 1184 days ago sweet T____T

sarah95602778 1184 days ago


Lady_Churnie 1185 days ago that you Hyukjae? you are so sexy~~ i'm at your age so it's fine to think sexy ^3^, Hyukjae... come to me~

lesliegeraldin5 1185 days ago

Lindo tatuaje pero, sera permanente o temporal?

rawr_rawrrawr 1185 days ago

y iz tatoo speld wrang? oppaaaaaaaaa

preetty0214 1185 days ago

SPELLING MISTAKE.........i can't believe.

Ita99Ryeosomnia 1186 days ago

so sweet..^,^

CeciliaTercero 1186 days ago

This picture is So Cool!!! Really Sexy!!!! ^_~

MTR_Algerino 1186 days ago

Beautiful tattoo, YA ALLAH oppa's body is sooo sexyyy ~ ♥v♥~
you did so good in SS5 OPPA fighting

Du7un_WIFE 1186 days ago

aaaaa. . . Oppa so SEXY baby:):) #HuG #HuG
Perfect body muaaacchh muaacchhh :*:*

beloved_SJ 1186 days ago

elf yayyy^^

ThinSeoKyu_ELF 1186 days ago

perfect body^^

wintergyu 1186 days ago

its so sweet.....