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The  book  is .  Enchanted by  Books : Winners of  Bite Marks The winners of the Jennifer Rardin contest for a copy of her new  book Bite Marks  are: Stacy - Claimed Prize BrigidsBlest -Claimed Prize Stephanie -never claimed winner decided. And this time, she ;s in a bit deeper than before with gnomes trying to bring down NASA and a demon bent on dragging a . There are so many plot threads running through the work, that zeroing in is a problem.Speak at Night  book  recommendations:  BiteMarks  - Drew Cross . Back Cover Blurb: Jaz Parks here. .. I ;m hearing voices in my head - and they ;re not mine.  Review:  Bite Marks  (Jaz Parks,  book  6) by Jennifer Rardin ~ A Great .  Graeme ;s Fantasy  Book  Review:  ; Bite Marks : A Vampire Testament .   August 16th 2012 Free Kindle Book – “BiteMarks” by Drew.        .  This  book  is one you don`t want to miss! Pretty good  book  .   Bite Marks  is out! | Orbit  Books  | Science Fiction, Fantasy, Urban . Out-of-control vampire Adam forces his lover, teen hooker Nina, to drink.   ←August 16th 2012 Free Kindle Book – “Beautiful Demons” by Sarra Cannon #YA #Fantasy  BiteMarks eBook: Drew Cross: Kindle Store  A spate of vicious attacks on working girls - A crazed monster who rips his victims’ flesh - A cop with dark secrets for whom blood is more than in his veins.  In  Bite Marks  Bergman and Cassandra also both play pretty important roles in the plot, and we get to see more of some other characters motivations. She penned eight Jaz Parks novels in her life.  EAT A  BOOK  RECORDS!:  bite marks EAT A  BOOK  RECORDS! what you making man? Friday, 12 February 2010.  Shock Review:  Bite Marks  « Fun With HorrorThe group then becomes embroiled in a fight to the death with this nasty group of blood suckers