BEHOLD, the Mutant Jello! This is what it looks like today. It hangs in honor (horror?) from the ceiling in the social media/email/jello prison office--until it escapes and kills us all.

The backstory: For April Fool's Day, we fake-launched an Edible Gummi iPhone Case, and even though it wasn't really available for purchase, it was really mocked up by Hans, one our Geek Labs engineers, so we'd have something for the product shot. To create the case, he mixed three parts Jello to one part water, and when he was done, he dumped the extra into a bowl and stashed it in the fridge.

3 weeks later, on April 26, Hans came by the social media and t-shirt monkeys' office and as a joke, plopped the extra Jello out of the bowl and slapped it onto our glass door. Ha ha, we thought, and waited for it to slide down the glass.

To our horror, it did not budge for 112 days. The full story and pictures of its dark, dismal progress: