Gregory Shane Helms


Pro Wrestler, The Hurricane. Wrestled for WWE, WCW, ECW and OMEGA.

Me with my agent Ari Gold.

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1938 days ago

Me with my agent Ari Gold.


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MissBetchPunk 1936 days ago

Piven! xD

TomThurmer 1936 days ago

haha thats mad, when are you going to get a title shot greg? I reckon tag team with matt, you guys would make a great team and especially against these new 'young' teams like heart foundation, sorry got carried away with how awesome that idea is to me lol

PS3TNA 1937 days ago

not bad...IM JUST SAYIN

FlyinMintBunny 1937 days ago

Sweet! I am digging the hat on Jeremy! :)

MariaBeckett 1937 days ago

Awww The Hurri Hunk is hottest !

fabiendubois 1937 days ago

Your wife?

LilMizzVeeOne 1937 days ago

lol you smile with your whole face dude! that's a-maze-in~!

stevenwacker 1938 days ago

neither one of yous could beat meat, just kidding

jasonfagerlund 1938 days ago

man your lucky I reamber meeting randy orton he one big dude

Mulan_1998 1938 days ago

Awwww, you are definitely the better looking one, Hurricane. Nice pic.

LuvCena54 1938 days ago

Love Ari but gotta say u r the better lookin one out of the two! U got such a good smile LUV YA!

ZombieAttack27 1938 days ago

Yeah Piven and Hurricane Conection!

GabiW 1938 days ago

Love it Greg!!!

Coochz 1938 days ago

Talk about a tag-team, knock-out event here. These guys will mess you up!

robinnfletcher1 1938 days ago

You rule!

eNiGMa1986 1938 days ago

Damn, double dose of hotness!!

zKieraSomebody 1938 days ago

you guys pack a wallop. lol. old school

colleentw 1938 days ago

piven looks totally stoked!

ewitsharmony 1938 days ago

What a menagerie of bad-assery.

AmyLizFoo 1938 days ago

Jeremy looks like he is going to punch himself in the jaw! Have RAW on DVR can't wait!