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2819 days ago


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megz2492 2722 days ago

hello handsome :P

georgiaeades 2804 days ago

backwards? forwards? upside down? inside out? you look fantastic anyway ^_^

livylovesyou 2814 days ago

this looks wonderful :)

iwearafeznow 2815 days ago

Hate to be saccharin, but you do look most pulchritudinous, Mr. Fry.

dancludlow 2816 days ago

Fack to Bront, Ftephen Sry. Honestly I haven't Deen Brinking.

russfan101b 2816 days ago

Surely this pic is fliped the wrong way thats why it doesnt look right but Im sure you look great the right way round ... so to speak...
Love & Light x

earlybird44 2816 days ago

Hmm,don't know what to think of it Stephen, short is definitely better but here it looks a bit like a toupet! Brush it back perhaps?

samtheanther 2817 days ago

You're hitting gold with the URLs.

rob5001 2817 days ago

Can you get your money back?

rob5001 2817 days ago

Can you get your money back?

batterseamummy 2817 days ago

A new look to put to the dulcet tones which I have enjoyed while driving down to the Dordogne - and then back up again - courtesy of my son and daughter's adoration of Pocoyo and 'that very kind man who tells us the stories' .. Harry aged 4. Thanks for h

hewhohasnonames 2817 days ago

Took my 99yr old grandfather for a haircut t'other day. "How would you like your haircut sir?" To which he replied, "In silence please". He did tell me it was a politician a while ago but I forget who.

spex357 2817 days ago

A bargain

pplusda 2817 days ago

Another few pounds off your weight....

berlin_berlin 2817 days ago

Looks great, especially with the white T and bookcase to set it off.

Sietj 2817 days ago

Wish every haircut makes ME look years younger. Would I have short hair!

tazvoll 2817 days ago

Now that's just not fair.....
I have to clean all this diet coke off my dashboard..:-(

tazvoll 2817 days ago

Now that's not fair...
I've got to clean all this diet coke of my dash board.

jason47679 2818 days ago

nice haircut ure still losing the weight keep it up

Redmedic 2818 days ago

You look MUCH younger. Suits you tremendously!