#RichardKoshimizu @ric_koshimizu ’s street speech
June, 29, Saturday, 2013, in #Shinjuku, #Tokyo #JAPAN

《video with English subtitle 》

Hello, everyone. I’m Richard Koshimizu. I’m a Net Journalist, provoking the society always. (laughter)
I have a clear reason why I support “People’s Life Party”. The reason is that all other parties are traitors except People’s Life Party. They are all betrayers of our nation.
Behind the Liberal Democratic Party, AMERICA is hiding. America tries to steal Japanese assets and cover their huge debts with them.

TPP (transpacific partnership) is the plot that America will rob the Japanese money and bring it from Japan to America. The aim of TPP is not at the agriculture but at the finance.
America tries to steal Japanese assets of 500 ~ 600 trillion yen saved in the postal deposit, post office insurance, our pension and Agricultural Cooperatives. Shinzo Abe is ordered to conduct this TPP plot by America. It’s very harmful for Japan.

Why the Liberal Democratic Party is sticking to possess the atomic power generation? There is a complicated reason. A certain power want to make Japan become a military nation with the draft system, national defense forces and the nuclear armament. Without nuclear plants, they can’t attain Japanese nuclear armament. This is why they are sticking to possess the atomic power generation.

There is no necessity to increase the consumption tax. Japan has lent America 100 trillion yen. Only a small part of repayment from America will easily surpass a few trillion yen squeezed from tax increase. In the first place, consumption tax increase is not necessary.
Why they want to increase tax? Tax increase weakens purchasing power. Companies suffer from sales drop. Salary will be decreased. Society becomes unrest. Young people will loose their jobs. The only way for the jobless young people to choose is joining the army. When the nation becomes poor, she goes to war.
The aim of amendment of the article 96 and 9 of the Japanese Constitution is making Japan be a military nation which can start a war against China for America.

In short, our government has been taken over by America. America does everything she wants, using her puppet Shinzo Abe. This is the present situation.
In the near future, your children will be killed in the battlefield. It’s wrong! That’s why I want that only one honest party, People’s Life Party continues to speak the right things in Japanese political world. To protect Japan from being devastated by the underground society, People’s Life Party should survive the coming Upper House election. We continue to support People’s Life Party sincerely.

Richard Koshimizu Independence Party as a single body support People’s Life Party. Please keep it up.
Thank you very much.