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2636 days ago


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relapetric 2189 days ago

Epic. :DDDD

markwriter1374 2624 days ago

Got mine on ebay but the photo didn't resemble what I eventually recieved... ;)

ohlookitsMatty 2625 days ago

Well now we have proof that you own a very big Cock // I too have a big Cock, I keep it at my girlfriends place as she has a bigger back garden than mine


Lilaaabug 2633 days ago


sharnad 2634 days ago

I think Stephen Frys big cock is superb does anyone know where I can get a big cock I already have two donkeys

mel69696 2634 days ago

my husband would love a big cock! maybe for his birthday, thnx for the inspiration!

AxmxZ 2635 days ago

I'll stick to pussy, thanks. So warm and soft.... and bitey.

Anoia_1981 2635 days ago

May I ask, how that was judged? There are certain images in front of my mental eye...

AsyaV 2635 days ago

Oh, I envy you. What can man do with so great treasure?

bertie_wooster 2635 days ago

So...what did you have before?

deeyanamusic 2635 days ago

Quality Stephen!

deeyanamusic 2635 days ago

Quality Steven!

obezyana 2635 days ago


Julianstrummer 2635 days ago

i just have a dog, it gets awkward with the ladies

janeknee 2635 days ago

Do you get to take the cock home and play with it- or do you just have to admire it from afar?

zany_zigzag 2635 days ago

Awww that's sweet, you've got a certificate for it and everything! Well done :-)

Ronat 2635 days ago

Stephen,you have finally succeeded in rendering me speechless-and rather shocked! For shame!!!

Emily_Hussey 2635 days ago

hahaha LOL!

FarplaceRescue 2635 days ago

Our naughty virtual gifts like this are proving very popular - thank you Stephen for displaying yours so proudly

naomibeijer 2635 days ago

This is when that girl from the musical Annie should say: O MY GOODNESS, O MY GOODNESS:P You certainly need a big cock to put this on twitter;)