Stephen Fry


British Actor, Writer, Lord of Dance, Prince of Swimwear & Blogger - NEVER reads Direct Messages

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1818 days ago


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LadyGirlPerson 1681 days ago

You should put that on your welcome mat

OopsyDaisyF1 1724 days ago

hehehe too funny x

cleaninggirl 1727 days ago

hahahaha I have my own cock sign at home xD

ColleenMcPinto 1727 days ago

bahahahaha! thanks for digging up this gem!

forensicmama 1727 days ago


shelair 1777 days ago

happy to see that your appreciated

davesutton 1781 days ago

So, does this mean that to own a big cock you have to live in the U.K? That's entirely unfair! That means, contrary to popular belief, we blokes in Australia are not sufficiently endowed!

clurrpatterson 1786 days ago

haha! you had everyone exited over nothing!

anniemccullagh 1807 days ago

awesome, congratulations mr fry :)

leahmedina 1807 days ago

Hahaha, legend. ;p

profzarkov 1811 days ago

Well I'm just stumped!

ashdubb 1814 days ago

LMAO That's so funny! :-)

LadySelachii 1816 days ago

I have seen Stephen Fry's big cock... I will never wash these eyeballs again.

jaredjames 1816 days ago

how delicious.

tuds95 1817 days ago

Congratulations! I've heard they thrive on regular attention...

MarkLeneve 1817 days ago

Do they supply a certificate for Great Tits I wonder?

MarkLeneve 1817 days ago

Wonder if they supply one for Great Tits?

eireom 1817 days ago

Is this a Cock and bull story?

jayasmaul 1817 days ago

I am not surprising! he is a big lad.

PirateFairy 1817 days ago

haha, immense!!