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1957 days ago


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relishan 1638 days ago

I'm sorry, what does it mean? That red sky and broken flag of USA... what's the name of the painting? - "Three communists"?))))) May be it's - "Everybody will die except House, Obama and Stalin"? And unicorns of course))))) May be - "Santa Obama"?))))))

06awilliams 1750 days ago

more importantly rather_odd, why is obama naked on a unicorn, WITH A SWORD,NAKED!!!!

Rather_Odd 1794 days ago

is stalin holding a bottle of vicodin?

eseniablandova 1823 days ago

сталин? stalin? why? leave russia alone, please. russians are miserable at all.

candyfl0sscloud 1866 days ago

haha sweet!

SherryDedman 1867 days ago

Oddly enough, I didn't even think this picture was funny until I saw Hugh Laurie in it. No idea what that means...

4_LifePath 1868 days ago

Whoa ..... I think the artist might have a crush on Obama

appledecca 1917 days ago

Utterly brilliant Mr Fry, gotta give it to my American colossus lecturer- (might get a smile out of him). Hope your arm has healed good.

BarreloCats 1926 days ago

Excellent depiction of Hugh as House. It really captures his disdain!

crydamoure 1946 days ago


clairejoines 1946 days ago

Doesn't do anything for me.

garymaxwell 1946 days ago

Why is Hugh Lawrie in this picture!

siebegrijpma 1946 days ago

I need more vicodin on this image....

tarzanjesus 1947 days ago

I never realised Josef & melchard had the same tash!

TLockyer 1947 days ago

I wonder if there is not also supposed to be an "Emperor's New Clothes" reference.

TLockyer 1947 days ago

Obvious conflation of memes - Obama-socialist, Stalin, House; perhaps Rule 34, certainly.

dts79 1947 days ago

Oooo. . . . .kay. . .

paddyspurley 1947 days ago

Why is Obama riding Hillary Clinton?

SandSlasher 1947 days ago

Who's weird dream is this? Is it yours Stephen?

TwyloII 1947 days ago

The only thing that could get between me and Stalin's pills would be Obama on a... what the?