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2771 days ago


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iEeftoch 2688 days ago

Always wanted to see England playing cricket

weejockhelen 2768 days ago

Being scittish I do not know much about cricket but this match did have some excitement in the middle of today's match (Sunday)when it looked as if England were letting it slip away before they got the 8th wicket!!

retroshizz 2769 days ago

In the pavvilion, are we?
Lucky you..

littlebirdIII 2770 days ago

I love the way the graphics on the green seem to be hanging on for dear life at this angle!!

MrMasadopolous 2770 days ago

looking good. AUS all out for 160.. *cough* shit *cough*.. great bowlig by stu tho. looks like ENG r gona win the ashes again :D

gentlehobbit 2771 days ago

ah,the sound of leather on willow once more, come on england,give them hell!

emmyathome 2771 days ago

Sorry but, what am I looking at or for. Be nice w/ comment because I have yet to visit England. Or watch a cricket match. Or understand cricket.

rjayt 2771 days ago

How does this criket thing work, then?

sorriesinasack 2771 days ago

Thats near where I got thrown out by the stewards for touching the beer snake during the 20/20 world cup... Nazis

waftc 2771 days ago

177-3 /\ Good start....

Dearmad 2771 days ago

Who ever says cricket isn't exciting just doesn't understand!

Ronat 2771 days ago

Come on England!? We did win once!!!!

babypippin 2771 days ago


babypippin 2771 days ago

technology never fails to amaze me

hoisin 2771 days ago

Not bad Mr Fry. Come on our beloved England!

haribol108 2771 days ago

you can see my house from there! coo-eee

Graycii 2771 days ago

Oh am I nervous!!! Come on England.

sickleclown 2771 days ago

lovely mornings cricket,time for a spot of repast then on with the show

olliedann 2771 days ago

108-1 Encouraging start! Time for lunch.

smurfnose 2771 days ago

the weather looks ominous if it starts to rain please use your rather large frame and your brolly and cover the groundi presume they sell brolly,s in size gulliver