Stephen Fry


British Actor, Writer, Lord of Dance, Prince of Swimwear & Blogger - NEVER reads Direct Messages

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1803 days ago


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SarahJoy007 1684 days ago

lol stud muffin lol

_VersaJess 1705 days ago

babe magnet you like.

candyfl0sscloud 1723 days ago

you lucky man haha xD

4_LifePath 1724 days ago

You are the prettiest .....;)

lederonuk 1724 days ago

Welcome to Stepford.

rogieboy 1736 days ago

Who is this "JAMODY"? Jamiroquai perhaps but Jamody? Perhaps a sticky Bill?

dannorth31 1737 days ago

very attractive but having so many blondes around, they look like grown up children of the damned but least they are smiling

urbanprojectz 1747 days ago

Why wasn't I invited? I'm switching my power right now and I don't even have a house!

HellenaHeavenly 1799 days ago

oh wait ait! Perhaps it's just a "Village of the Damned" thing? "Children of the Corn had at least some variance on hair color.

HellenaHeavenly 1799 days ago

Dang that's a lot of blonde. I hope this wasn't some white supremecy meeting. "Daughters of Hitler Youth"?

georgiaeades 1800 days ago

if you smiled any bigger your face would fall off xx

afishytail 1800 days ago

My, Stephen. Your looking rather trim these days!

spbl 1800 days ago

He Stephen, the only thing that would improve this picture is if the ladies were wearing a Cricket Performance Buddy! see website.

AndrewMcF 1801 days ago

ahh, the npowerettes - the highlight of the Headingley test....

teapotwoman 1802 days ago

ZeeFox: What a stupid thing to say. How on earth do you know how intelligent those girls are? Way to look like a judgmental twit. Don't judge a book by its cover.

clint44b 1802 days ago

i'd heard the nolans were touring again

runlikebloodyel 1802 days ago

Shame there all girls Stephen, except for Aggers.

Inkey41 1802 days ago

Hmmmm...Always wondered what the Brits see in cricket.

Inkey41 1802 days ago

Hmmmm...always wondered what the Brits see in cricket.

GertrudeSusanne 1802 days ago

You look amazing - but were you perhaps thinking of a certain song by the Police while posing for this photograph? ;o)