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2739 days ago


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SarahJoy007 2620 days ago

wow that is really cool

The_Alan_Clark 2683 days ago

Does it come with a counter weight for the other wrist, so you don't end up walking to one side!!

RichardGField 2683 days ago

How I want one of those!

pingpongpoo 2685 days ago

texting will be fun!!

RogueSenna 2709 days ago

eject? what would you eject?

cooptoothpaste 2709 days ago

How much did you splash out on this one, Stephen?!

EverythingLarge 2735 days ago

I LOVE IT! awesome! Where, When, How can I get one???

boanas 2735 days ago

Spy watch!

fluffybex 2735 days ago

Does it come with a mirror?

mflehman 2736 days ago

Shades of Dick Tracy's wrist radio.

Inkey41 2737 days ago

Well, I was going to say Dick Tracy would be jealous, but someone beat me to it. (Do most of you know who Dick Tracy is? Sort of the "older kids'" answer to James Bond.)

Volleywobble 2737 days ago

I presume this is a self windig instrument! While your Twittering is bordering on the Twattering, this is the reason you purcased it. Cheers, VW.

inckognito 2738 days ago

Whatta wonderful watch! Wow! Wanna them! Now! And don't post your body bits TOO close, difficulties with focusing ;D

iEeftoch 2738 days ago

Nice=D! You're really a gadget person isn't? looks like James Bond! Cool!! I'm in!

The_Only_Smurf 2738 days ago

OMG! Does that weigh your wrist down?

WhoopsMrsWonka 2738 days ago

When I was a kid I used to day dream about wrist attire like this...

Mouwse 2738 days ago

Does it double as a sandwich toaster? It's enormous :)

Lady_Smeagol 2738 days ago

Oooh, I saw this on the telly and got very curious about it! It looks heavy though...

roryjoconnell 2738 days ago

have you been reading about the new intel i7 chip ? you gotta get one ! lol :-) (makes a nice paperweight)

roryjoconnell 2738 days ago

You just are a sucker for the shiny new toy !

You are like me - you are refusing to be phased by the 20 yrs time "VCR"!