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2744 days ago


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scs74 2662 days ago

could that be any bigger?! lol x

candyfl0sscloud 2665 days ago

defo 007 gadget :)

edtuckerartist 2715 days ago

quote "hhhancock: So you are a spy! I knew it! "
Yeah he's Steven Spy!

hellofromholly 2735 days ago

Oh well..........PS Love the watch I want one

hellofromholly 2735 days ago

What just happened to my post?

hellofromholly 2735 days ago


hellofromholly 2735 days ago

Sorry for leaving this here How do I change my password to my own logging in to ?

idjit90 2741 days ago

Ugly watch, cool gadget.
I have an LG Cookie, which is neat. Would be neater if I can read PDFs off it, or if the accompanying document viewer showed more than the first page.

hhhancock 2741 days ago

So you are a spy ! I knew it !

hotblack43 2742 days ago

Wait - is Stephen Fry not Dick Tracy ????

dekkb 2743 days ago

I'm sure me dad had something similar in the late 60's with a mad dull red gow from the new fangled digital display. think he may have got some kind of radiation poisoning!

Inkey41 2743 days ago

For some of you previous posters: Dick Tracy's was a 2-way wrist radio. Above watch is tres impressive, but doesn't look as if it speaks. (I could be wrong, tho.)

jodevizes 2744 days ago

I can't wait for the Gucci version.

hotblack43 2744 days ago

seems big enough to be useful for those of us half-blind!

luke88addis 2744 days ago

I'm so jealous! :0)

dirtywerty 2744 days ago

you have to wear a lead weight on the opposite wrist to prevent you walking around in circles

beeshep 2744 days ago

Where are those anti-gravity boots we were promised in the 70's ?

Rachell__x 2744 days ago

That looks rather odd. Small screen too (N)

boxrattler 2744 days ago

Yes but will you look back in ten years and say "what a t***". Cheers

acrooacree 2744 days ago

It's the size of a 1970's digital watch plus the clock image does not fit the screen. How much does it weigh?