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2665 days ago


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relapetric 2230 days ago

THAT, is soooooooooooooooo awsum................. :DDDDDDDD

mike44260 2568 days ago

But it doesn't tell the time.

OopsyDaisyF1 2583 days ago

OMG I want one of those, where did you get it Mr Fry, I am super jealous of you ;(

candyfl0sscloud 2585 days ago

that's a watch jebus touch screen is becoming more and more popular =] touch screen laptops soon everywhere u wait.

JalysaHamu 2586 days ago

O___O Ineffable.

4_LifePath 2587 days ago

Who are you? 007 ?

union_jak 2599 days ago

Awesome! I want I want I want

TribalReflex 2599 days ago

Go go gadget...erm.... Chocolate watch? Make sure it doesn't melt.

shelair 2636 days ago

bet it doesn't make coffee :)

mikeysworldview 2636 days ago

dose it tell the time at all?

psykitty 2636 days ago

Calling Detective Tracy, calling Detective Tracy..

shanebrennan78 2636 days ago

that so cool mate!!

pinktank1 2662 days ago

Please tell us, it can twitter too, & plays the James Bond Theme as it does

Lindacoggs 2662 days ago

Yes very Man From Uncle Stephen, Edna used all her Tesco's clubcard points to get you this.

fluffybex 2662 days ago

What will they think of next? ipod earings?

robbieblobbie 2662 days ago

That really is an awesome watch! Captain Picard would be jealous

georgiaeades 2662 days ago

oh god that's just silly. . . I LOVE IT :)

Inkey41 2664 days ago

Aaaaahhhh, come on, it's time to share your toys! < ^-^ >

AvocetVA 2664 days ago

Does it make the toast in the morinings as well?