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1942 days ago


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bebefryyounge 1866 days ago

no! old people should be mayed to stand as their punishment for living

FenGar 1890 days ago

Absolutely, I'm writing it in my will as I type. They can have it once I'm dead.

urbanprojectz 1890 days ago

*rips seat out of the floor*

f_lamers 1890 days ago

I would, but the damn seat is stuck to the bus!

unseen4 1890 days ago

NO. Haha.

Georgegreenwood 1914 days ago


Georgegreenwood 1914 days ago

well you are getting on a bit dear

MRadclyffe 1915 days ago

Oddly, most able-bodied people don't seem to be able to read those particular signs.

shelair 1916 days ago

Er, no ! lol.
Of course I would though when I've done this in the past, the elderly lady in question became annoyed with me as I dared to assume that because she was 77 she needed a seat?

hariano 1929 days ago

I'm assuming he still sat there, typical Englishman abroad.

PaulyHowey 1933 days ago

Do you think there are lots of elderly and disabled with a cupboard full of these free seats

PaulyHowey 1933 days ago

Are there elderly and disabled people with cupboards full of these free seats?

AmoebaStampede 1941 days ago

If THIS is a guilt trip, how about the sign in NYC's BUSES: same words, but the "o" in "you" is a red Valentine heart!

nick_reeve 1941 days ago

Sounds like a line from a Bob Dylan song.

yeahyeahyeah909 1941 days ago

I love it =]

nanaheremax 1941 days ago

This statement should have a question mark at its end.

nanaheremax 1941 days ago

This statement should have a question mark at its end.

mar411 1941 days ago


mar411 1941 days ago

Sounds very polite for me.. Maybe because we often use that style of writing (negative request) in Spanish. It`s really sweet. Ah! .. languages!

WillowsHaunt 1941 days ago

Geesh...guilt trip... i hate that. how rude.