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1881 days ago


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Robsessed83 1879 days ago

I thought I'd leave that to you...have some fun with him ya know =P

mikayla_zebra 1879 days ago

holyyyyyy crap!!! I amm trippppin

MsNinnie 1879 days ago

that is yumdiddlyumptious...except his drawrs...pull 'em up or all off.

Coral_1 1879 days ago

holy feck, thats just sexyness right there

jaypat18 1879 days ago

Nice. Ah, what's holding up those pants? Hmmmmm.

hunterhunting 1879 days ago

Thank you for making him. love you. He is so hot. I wish his pants would fall down though.

Mrs_Robward 1879 days ago


sloopy1975 1879 days ago

LOVE the manip job, very creative... and yes he can pull it off but I'm not a big fan of being covered in tats... a few tats here and there, yes (I have 4 myself) but that's too many for MY taste... his blank canvas is just beautiful as-is ;)

Robsessed83 1880 days ago

Let me assure you...if I'd had the chance to put that one in I would have =P

KSdaisy 1880 days ago


marimotchee 1880 days ago

*sigh* staring at this again. This manip makes me visualize Tattward's apadravya. It's making me kinda crazy.

thurtysomething 1880 days ago

good fucking night that is HOT!

porschegrl 1880 days ago

holy fuck is right! OMG... *swimming in panties!* ha ha

magnessina 1880 days ago

holy fuck!

DandHRoberts 1880 days ago

Yup. Perfect!

lroy6 1880 days ago


Sfernandez29 1880 days ago

nop not really meeting mine...i love tatts on guys but Rob is just fine the way he is!

tinkrbe1l3 1880 days ago

tantalizing pic!!! im not big on tats but I didn't think I'd like AU, AH FFs either (WA turned me out). So im off to read CW&IA!

PangeforPrez 1880 days ago

Oh. Oh my. This Thanks for posting this. In-fucking-credible. =)

Daily_i_Candy 1880 days ago

Uh...I think I need to read Clipped Wings & Inked Armor again now with this image in my mind ::GULP::