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2932 days ago


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weeelady 2759 days ago

I've seen sights I could only dream of all thanks to the pics of your travels. Thankyou so much for sharing your journey with us

paddyanne 2792 days ago

bless you sir, you look like a man who is about to say goodbye to paradise and hello to england. i know how it feels, i wish xx
thank you for photos its been great to share this with you and so many others. your a darling, never ever change kind sir.

Baybar 2796 days ago

Look just like my Pops after a day on ye olde ale !!

petethomas00 2815 days ago

hang in there!

ktwb089 2818 days ago

Oh dear,
How I do love you Mr.Fry!

ashley_fereiro 2926 days ago


ockgal 2931 days ago

Wait. What's that peaking out of the bushes back there? ....A rhino with a tranq gun!

daveyates 2931 days ago

Jeeves! What in blue blazes are you doing in Kenya?

thecalicojack 2932 days ago

Well hello there. :D I do hope Africa is good to you.

Fubby 2932 days ago

Awww. Hope you've slept and that filming is going splendidly

Kelsey_Burd 2932 days ago

awe Sir. hope you get some sleep soon! Have an amazing trip!

sallywestern 2932 days ago

Oh Christ.. I think I left the iron on..

EclectChick 2932 days ago

Bewitched, bothered and befuddled, is our Mr. Fry. Sweet dreams!

arhh_ 2932 days ago

Looking a bit tired, but magnificent as ever :)

kissandmakeupuk 2932 days ago

aw, I need of a cocoa and bed I think :o)

LiliCosic 2932 days ago

The caption would read "Hello" it starts 1 minute in :)

Bobzilla 2932 days ago

Thats exactly how tired I look when I get off a plane. Even short hall :)

lady_jane 2932 days ago

I don't know about shagged, you look terribly serious! Smile! :-)))

JackMitchell 2932 days ago

Well stone me - it IS the man himself! The silver-tongued orator of the air waves, the bastion of the British brain. If it’s wrong to throw myself at your feet as an adoring follower then I don’t want to be right sir!

Nimmykins 2932 days ago

Hope Kenya is good to you. I enjoyed it in August, but not the flight.
Rest well.