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2980 days ago


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valeriebutt 2794 days ago

Oh no. I really hope he was alright. What happened?!

ScaredyCat 2979 days ago

I really hope you named it Neil :P

DesmoidSurvivor 2979 days ago

I've been looking at this snap all day and I am still so jealous. I'm sure it was an amazing experience. Hard not to adore them.

BoffleSpoffle 2980 days ago

Why was the ear notch ID removed from the rhino? Is there no further need to ID him/her?

Fryphile 2980 days ago

*gives tummy rub*

_mikeL_ 2980 days ago

kind of mini-me Jurassic Park isn't it? Next up, the steaming pile of dung shot...

KnittedMoomin 2980 days ago

That's huge...rather you than me that close!

taluta 2980 days ago

Ah, poor baby! Are those scars from a run in with a fellow rhino? Useless bit of info, I draw a hidden rhino in my art as a trademark.

AHisme 2980 days ago

But where do the people end and the rhino starts?

konst_kokarev 2980 days ago

I think it's better to send some food. Flowers - what for?

Fubby 2980 days ago

Does the rhino have a name? I'd like to send flowers.

DavidDMuir 2980 days ago

OK, I see you lying on the ground... but where's the rhino?

thankyoudaniel 2980 days ago