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2975 days ago


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paddyanne 2836 days ago

i say, thats a Mischievous little smile you got going on, what you going to do?

janefarrington 2837 days ago


Gemlou5 2946 days ago

Aaawwww how cute is this = adorable!

cloverdilly 2974 days ago

Hullo, what's this? I know how condescending it sounds, but goshdarn, you're adorable.

thedullfig 2974 days ago

wow. I can't believe my photos don't get this kind of attention...

GCUKassist 2974 days ago

" 'ere 'ere, What have we here? " or should that be hear ?

galadrial 2974 days ago

I love your smile.

kathmuse 2974 days ago

I met D.A. when he toured with the original book. Such a lovely man! Glad to see you continuing the work. ~kath

Soph_Ichigo 2975 days ago

Stephen doing his good deeds. I think. ; ] x

dreamingshadow 2975 days ago

Ahh, how lovely to come home from a day at the office and be transported instantly across the world to such exciting adventures! Thanks for sharing, keep up the ear collection xx

Kelsey_Burd 2975 days ago

what an interesting...err...bit of ear you've got there! looks like you're having a blast!

cindylouwho_10 2975 days ago

Well, now I've seen everything.

DesmoidSurvivor 2975 days ago

Wow that is an interesting perspective. What an honor to be a part of conservation.

velvetbeaches 2975 days ago

Ooh! That's just nasty! Ick!

ScaredyCat 2975 days ago

Did you say "Three rhinos now in containers!"... and then "Quick lunch" ... I'm pretty sure I couldn't eat 3 whole rhinos...

Fryphile 2975 days ago

I see you've kicked it up a notch.

cadeira 2975 days ago

A smile a day keeps the mosquito away... btw. thanks to the god of proxy servers albeit a slow one, I just got to see your America programme and loved it to pieces.

Stevehoward999 2975 days ago

like chicken?

j9rodgers 2975 days ago

If you hadn't explained it, it sort of looks like some icky bug. Keep posting, good to know others are off on adventures while I am in a windowless office. Living vicariously through you......

UrmiRaj14 2975 days ago

a much "funner" picture of you..and the ear notch adds just the little extra that was missing! its been fun reading yr updates. looking fwd to more