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2972 days ago


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jamiebanwen 2828 days ago

its a bit of grey wood isnt it???

Tanzbar 2963 days ago wonderful

fernanda1702 2970 days ago

What a beautiful picture.. He seems so young and innocent like this. Thank you for sharing it with us.

NimbleOgre 2971 days ago

what a great photo...

zfiledh 2971 days ago


kathmuse 2971 days ago

Yes, yes, yes, lovely. But tell me we haven't missed the lemurs. You are going to Madagascar to see the lemurs, aren't you?????

JasonDigital 2972 days ago

WOW! That is close! I thought you meant several feet away - you were lucky not to get arrested! Or do you just have REALLY POWERFUL zoom?

barbles42 2972 days ago

Ohhh, he's absolutely gorgeous. What a wonderful picture!

DesmoidSurvivor 2972 days ago

Oh wow. What an honor to see a photo this close up. Outstanding.

oddorable 2972 days ago

So beautiful!

bobcatrock 2972 days ago

lovely, leathery & dozy...

AHisme 2972 days ago

Absolutly amazing. I wonder how its skin feels when you touch it.

Fubby 2972 days ago

I would like to invite him for Christmas.

j9rodgers 2972 days ago

great picture...gentle giant (at least as he sleeps) Beautiful, keep them coming

jwjmcdon 2972 days ago

When you said close you meant it!! Lots of laughter lines ..

echoclubhouse 2972 days ago

what a wonderful creature! proof of ancient times. thank you for sharing.

muskateller 2972 days ago

that reminds me of Harry Rowohlt: "Lieber Gott, Du bist der Boss. Amen! Dein Rhinozeros."
venerabbly furrowed (both).

tastelikedeath 2972 days ago

It looks so serene; killing them for human ornaments is so wrong: "Usually, terrible things that are done with the excuse that progress requires them are not really progress at all, but just terrible things."

spyderkl 2972 days ago

What an incredible picture! Just beautiful.

arhh_ 2972 days ago

Amazing.... to be so close to it.