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Made some new friends this morning: they cooked me a Nile perch & made me laugh. This was their favourite photo x

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2903 days ago

Made some new friends this morning: they cooked me a Nile perch & made me laugh. This was their favourite photo x


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jenvargas 2879 days ago

Look at their smiling little faces! I want to hug each of them :)

ellilah 2880 days ago

What a brilliant photo - they are gorgeous. This has made me grin on a damp Monday afternoon!!

racco 2897 days ago

a fantastic shot!

Khalaris 2902 days ago

What a beautiful picture. These kids must be less than half as tall as you ;)

Soph_Ichigo 2902 days ago

A truly beautiful image. They're very endearing. I bet just seeing those smiles on thier faces were worth the trip. : ]

wheelyweb 2902 days ago

Brilliant, Stephen! love the photo of these gorgeous smiles!

zoobuffalo 2903 days ago

mini lenny henry-a-like in the front :)

Avas_Writer 2903 days ago

They're always so willing to be happy and smiling, and then you look at kids in England who have everything they could want and they're so grumpy. Something wrong in that equation...

kissability 2903 days ago

oh this photograph put a huge smile on my face... gorgeous!

karenireland 2903 days ago

What a joyous photograph. Isn't it extraordinary how those little children, living without many of the things we take forgranted have the broadest smiles. Makes me feel very humble. Really enjoying following your adventures.

spyderkl 2903 days ago

What a sweet bunch of kids! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us!

JasonDigital 2903 days ago

Hi - Do you have any photos of a Nile Perch? I'm really interested in seeing what one looks like! cooked or uncooked - what does it taste like???

Clareybear 2903 days ago

Awww, what adorable kids :D

GertrudeSusanne 2903 days ago

Lovely photo. Nothing more heartwarming than smiling children! You must have appeared to them like a giant... a big friendly giant (I must quote RD here, rather than OW... for the obvious reason!)

Fryphile 2903 days ago

:):):):) So many smiles :):):):) The world loves the Fry. Oh, I've just noticed the iddle arm and head behind the boy in green. So what is Nile Perch?

fernanda1702 2903 days ago

You're an excellent photographer :) Beautiful pic and beautiful children. They look like they're having a very good time.

Kelsey_Burd 2903 days ago

what adorable children! such innocent faces. it's a good thing to see these days!

emma_wemma 2903 days ago

Awwww they are so adorable! Look at those cheeky smiles :D

pipsters 2903 days ago

Awww, wow! Just how gorgeous are they?!?

leahsoid 2903 days ago

Truly lovely!