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Since some of you expressed the wish to see a Nile Perch. Here one is x

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3076 days ago

Since some of you expressed the wish to see a Nile Perch. Here one is x


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Lumikki 3076 days ago

Like those pics of the kids, they seem cheerful. Or is it a show for the camera...?

Lumikki 3076 days ago

Looks like an old man's neck...

glossyibis 3076 days ago

Thanks drawingbreath, I see the resemblance now. Same smile.

BoffleSpoffle 3076 days ago

An ex-perch, I posit.

Fryphile 3076 days ago

A perch on the porch!

thedudeabides67 3076 days ago

How was it served?

MidiReifsnider 3076 days ago

lovely, I think... and lol @ bigbluemeanie

gjhsu 3076 days ago

Seems rather large. How did it taste?

surprise_me 3076 days ago

it looks like a eel eating a fish - to me any anyway

JasonDigital 3076 days ago

A nile perch - now we know - thanks stephen! now, what does it taste like? It's an interesting fish though, nothing like the perch I used to catch in Norfolk...

Brighton_Photos 3076 days ago

i bet it tastes better than it looks!

JuliBN 3076 days ago

Looks dead as a dodo.

UrmiRaj14 3076 days ago

now thats one dead fish!

tallyg 3076 days ago

I'm expecting it tastes better than it looks! Fish kinda freak me out! Especially their eyes n heads.

bigbluemeanie 3076 days ago

"if it weren't nailed to the perch..."

linnea_jane 3076 days ago

...looking quite dead. x

drawingbreath 3076 days ago

Reminds me of Ms Palin's running mate. :)

hugh_wren 3076 days ago

i'm a fisherman, and i'd love to catch one of them some day. it looks amazing.

zcreem 3076 days ago

Probably looks nice wrapped in golden bread crumbs, but as it stands yuk!

maribyla1 3076 days ago

yummy :)