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They do look rather like men in gorilla suits, don't they? But not close up. Dear me no. Close up they're real x

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2772 days ago

They do look rather like men in gorilla suits, don't they? But not close up. Dear me no. Close up they're real x


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paddyanne 2644 days ago

oh dear mr Fry, rather like spitting image, when it was amazing how every politician looked so much like his spitting image counterpart, now gorillas look amazingly like there human counterparts, are we losing touch with reality? xx

Jessisatwit 2648 days ago

Shame that all I can think about is 'in the air tonight' by Phil Collins. Bloody cadburys and their bizarre advertising techniques...

hebo69 2667 days ago

omg its the ex!! how on earth did you get this close?

jo__simpson 2668 days ago

wow amazong would love to get close to the gorillas, its a huge dream of mine thay are fantastic creatures

MadSciKat 2755 days ago

Great shot!

Gemlou5 2755 days ago

Wow i love this picture!

myelinman 2771 days ago

....and that IS close up.

glossyibis 2772 days ago

I think I dated him for a while in the "80s.

Jikan 2772 days ago

Amazing, but that would really scare the pants out of me. Lovely creatures though.

mwnm 2772 days ago

Great picture, a creature so perfectly adapted to it's habitat. Such a shame so much of these areas can be under threat.

dreamingshadow 2772 days ago

S/he looks very wise! Like s/he's trying to get to the bottom of some particularly perplexing philosophy. You seem really close there! Loving the pics by the way, thank you xx

Fryphile 2772 days ago

The jungle. He pwns it.

leahsoid 2772 days ago

For some reason I have the urge to sit with him/her and discuss serious matters of great importance.

MelanieSchicker 2772 days ago

First thing that springs up to mind: Diane Fossey. Plus it reminds me of this beautiful film with Anthony Hopkins called Instinct. I love it ^^

blackworth 2772 days ago

Such beautiful creature, though a little scary...

flipperville 2772 days ago

they are plotting major pwnage I'll warrant

sohanlon07 2772 days ago

Lovely photo. gorillas are such fantastic creatures and really need mre protection.

Soph_Ichigo 2772 days ago

They really do resemble humans, and in odd little ways aswell. Beautiful creatures. I saw you were in support for a Monkey Sanctuary back in the UK, it was lovely to discover while I was there. : ]

spyderkl 2772 days ago

No - looks like a giant gorilla from here! Absolutely amazing.

loris_sl 2772 days ago

Stunning! he/she has no eyes at all - impressive... scary...