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Unique to this part of Western Uganda, this subspecies of lion likes to laze about in trees between lunch and tea

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2899 days ago

Unique to this part of Western Uganda, this subspecies of lion likes to laze about in trees between lunch and tea


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Sueso 2764 days ago

If it helps keep their kill from the hyenas..good on them! :o)

zimabz 2774 days ago

Sounds like a good lifestyle.

MadSciKat 2881 days ago

In the Tsavo region they swim. In Uganda they climb trees. What next?

fernanda1702 2898 days ago

This is pretty cool, I haven't heard of tree lions before. Thought leopards had a monopoly on tree climbing over there. Ty for the pics :)

Claptomaan 2898 days ago

Beautiful pictures. I've only ever seen them hiding in the bushes! But this is amazing!

BR3NDA 2898 days ago

i didn't know african lions drank tea.

Jikan 2898 days ago

Ahhh thats the life!

ren119 2899 days ago

i didn't know lions took tea, i always thought they were more for champagne. go figure.

dreamingshadow 2899 days ago

THAT is definitely what I want to be reincarnated as. xx

emma85 2899 days ago

What a wonderful picture! I've never seen lions in a tree before...and that tree must be enormous! Thanks. :o)

drsnooks 2899 days ago

when I saw this tweet, I was really expecting to see a photo of you in a hammock or something...

jamaisneutral 2899 days ago

they look just like my cats. From afar at least.

j9rodgers 2899 days ago

I hope you are taking these picture with a zoom, or that is a little to close in the wild for my liking ---- but amazing

loris_sl 2899 days ago

I would like to jump and grab that tail (maybe not)

UrmiRaj14 2899 days ago

they really don't look dangerous from this distance. but i know i'm so wrong

Soph_Ichigo 2899 days ago

You definitely caught them at thier very laziest. Which is probably for the best. : ]

puppaz 2899 days ago

But, do they need to phone the fire brigade to get back down again? :P

AHisme 2899 days ago

It looks rather confortable on that tree. Maybe I should try that myself.;)

stevebridger 2899 days ago

They've got sense them lions. More uber-species, then sub-species, I reckon

woodenelf 2899 days ago

Lions in trees??? Never heard of it before. :D