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The tail always seems to hang down...

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2894 days ago

The tail always seems to hang down...


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Sueso 2760 days ago

This lion thinks it's a leopard!

paddyanne 2766 days ago

awww dog tired..... sorry wrong species

hebo69 2789 days ago

awwwwwww amazing thanks for sharing!

saskiatijger 2810 days ago

lol, my kitty does that too sometimes....they all enjoy life to the fullest....ohhhhh I want to be a cat in the next life...

katiemuffett 2856 days ago

here kitty kitty - i want to give him a kiss

ahiskens 2880 days ago

presuming it moves from side to side - you are getting sleeeeeepy...

yeahyeahyeah909 2884 days ago

Wish I could lounge around in a tree like that! Would be a relaxing life that's for sure. Nice photo by the way =)

penelopeelse 2887 days ago

- and I'm pretty sure the paws would want to touch you...

twitbob 2888 days ago

"I can see the pub from 'ere!" ;-)

LeilaWolf 2888 days ago

Simply gorgeous

wee_frumpy 2892 days ago

oh ! the paws. i always want to touch the paws.

fernanda1702 2893 days ago

That is so cute. Congratz on such a perfect shot of this moment. It's impressive.

lecari 2894 days ago

An amazing shot! Wow!

myelinman 2894 days ago

I wonder if they've evolved for the increased arboreal activity? Ocelots have larger paws, and this cat's pads look pretty big. I'm guessing they only have a different latin name...

verbal99 2894 days ago

man, i could sleep like that ;)

mariapage 2894 days ago

Such an adorable animal! Impressive shot Mr. Fry :)

KeithBarlow 2894 days ago

I'm very jealous. Fantastic shot.

kathy52 2894 days ago

What a gorgeous animal. Doesn't seem to mind being photographed or telephoto lens?

Jikan 2894 days ago

wow, they have pretty large feet. Great shot :)

pgerak 2894 days ago

Mai happy tree. I haz it.