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Uninvited guest on the balcony of Paul Williams and Vicky Holt of Bwindi Community Hospital,

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2249 days ago

Uninvited guest on the balcony of Paul Williams and Vicky Holt of Bwindi Community Hospital,


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MadSciKat 2231 days ago

Monkeys may be professional crooks and meaner than dirt, but they do have interesting faces.

tamarahigham 2236 days ago

I would invite it. Its pretty looking :-)

Jikan 2248 days ago

"Hmmm, is that a digestive I see upon that there plate?"

MelanieSchicker 2249 days ago

If the head was on the other side, it would almost look like an anteater ^^ Nah, maybe I interpret too much XD Still, it's one cute fellow.

flipperville 2249 days ago

rather nicer than MRSA!

badhedgehog 2249 days ago

I like that the length of the tail is undetermined by the photo. 2 feet? 3 feet? 30 feet? ANY length?

Kelsey_Burd 2249 days ago

n'awww monkey!!!

loris_sl 2249 days ago

Nice pose - this guest looks like a model: slim figure, nice face, long tail...

abbichicken 2249 days ago

How impossibly cute for a wild animal...its face is incredible..!

EasyTom 2249 days ago

That tail looks like a pipe going... are you sure it wasn't a 'water feature'?

Soph_Ichigo 2249 days ago

What an unusual and lovely visiter. : ]

UrmiRaj14 2249 days ago

wow what an animal! a well-timed photo

mic2007 2249 days ago

what a nature :-) enjoy every minute in this environment and reload your batteries ;-)

timdifford 2249 days ago


tallyg 2249 days ago

That's some tail, what a lovely colour, my daughters gonna love this pic!

woodenelf 2249 days ago

Gosh, it's beautiful!! What a TREAT you are giving us today!! It's like Christmas!!

DesmoidSurvivor 2249 days ago

I was in the hospital for over a month and all I got to see was a feckin' dog about 3 weeks in. I'll never go to hospital in Florida again.

AHisme 2249 days ago

He was probably curious who that big, adorable man is. Can you blame him? :)

Jillus 2249 days ago

look at that face! So cool, and the tail!

zbeauvais 2249 days ago

scope that tail!